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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

A place of educational excellence with Christ at the centre

Advent Service 2020

Fr. John led the Advent Service on the school playground. 

Max and Grace our Faith Ambassadors in Shepherds class read beautifully. They led the children in Farmers class in assembling the wreath. 

Advent Service Tuesday 1st December 2020


Introduction (Read by Grace)

Advent is a time to look back at how God prepared the hearts of his people in the Old Testament for the birth of his son. It will help us:

  • to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem;
  • to prepare for the coming of Jesus into our hearts this Christmas, and
  • to prepare for Jesus’ coming in glory at the end of time.

The making of the Advent Wreath for our School

The various items are brought up by children from Farmers Class (Read by Max)

  1. We bring a circle of the wreath. This reminds us of God, his endless mercy which has no beginning and no end.
  2. We bring the evergreen branches and leaves. These symbolise the everlasting life which God gives us.
  3. The Advent Wreath has 3 purple candles on it, which are lit on the first, second and fourth Sundays of Advent. The candles remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and his coming drives out darkness.  The candle for the 3rd week is a rose or pink colour. This Sunday is known as “Rejoicing Sunday”
  4. We bring the 1st purple candle. The candle of HOPE.
  5. We bring the 2nd purple candle. The candle of PEACE.
  6. We bring the 3rd candle a rose candle. The candle of JOY.
  7. We bring the 4th candle a purple candle. The candle of LOVE.



The reading (Is. 9:1-7) is brought up by a child from Farmers Class

Fr John -  In the centre an Advent Wreath we will eventually place a special white candle. This is first placed and lit on Christmas Eve night to celebrate the Birth of Jesus. We bring a white candle, to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and as a sign of New Life.

A reading of Isaiah 9:1-7: “The People that walked in darkness has seen a great light;…”


The response is:                      ‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

(Faith ambassadors Max and Grace)

For all people: That they may discover the true meaning of Christmas:

That God is with us

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

For all who are trapped in the darkness of anger: And find it hard to forgive

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

For ourselves: That we may prepare our hearts: for the coming of Jesus each day into our lives and at Christmas.

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

For those who are alone at this time: That they may be touched by God’s love

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

For countries that are divided by war: That they may be reconciled and find peace

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again’

For world leaders and Governments: That they will make wise decisions for the benefit of all

‘Come Lord Jesus, come again.


Blessing and Distribution of door signs “Come Lord Jesus” (Grace and Max designed these for each class).