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World Book Day 20/21



Mrs Morgan has produced the world book day resources. These resources will be used by pupils in school and at home. We hope you enjoy celebrating world book day. Please enjoy watching the authors sharing stories!  

We had a very different but enjoyable day this year celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. The children at home and in school enjoyed the opportunity to learn about authors and illustrators through a variety of online events. This year information about events and links to online learning could be accessed through our World Book Day page on our learning platform.

Staff and pupils took part in our school ‘Share a Story’ event where they shared videos of themselves reading stories and uploaded them onto the World Book Day page. Please have a look at these with your child if you haven’t done so already.

This year the children enjoyed a range of book related activities which included:

  • Our St. Mary’s ‘Share a Story’ event
  • Author and Illustrator online lessons and activities
  • Share a story live event with well-known authors
  • Live class meet and story time sessions
  • Access to virtual libraries
  • Read for good fundraising event

Some more highlights from the day……

The school has also taken part in the ‘Read for Good’ fundraising event which helps provide much-needed brand new books and regular storyteller visits to children in all of the UK’s major children’s hospitals, as well as books for schools. 

Thank you for supporting your child to take part in this year’s fundraising event and for sharing even more stories at home. Please use the online option ONLY to donate your child’s sponsor money.

Thank you so much for your support to help your child celebrate World Book Day, the children have had lots of fun and enjoyed many different books and stories throughout the day. The resources and links to events will remain on our school learning platform for your children to enjoy.

Happy World Book Day!

Denise Morgan

SENCO/ Senior Teacher/ English Lead

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