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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

A place of educational excellence with Christ at the centre


Each month, the whole school focusses on a core Christian value. These include such values: as compassion, co-operation, tolerance, respect and service. These values are introduced in assemblies, developed through and embedded in school life. They are a guide to how we live our lives, influencing our attitudes and actions, encouraging us all to take responsibility for our own learning and behaviour. 

Focussing on these values encourages individuals to ponder, engage with and explore issues from different perspectives; developing a sense of empathy for different viewpoints, as well as developing an intellectual curiosity about the world.

Our Value Focus for 2018-19

Month Value focus
September Cooperation and Togetherness
October Appreciation
November Peace
December Patience
January Commitment and Perseverance
February Honesty
March Service
April Compassion
May Happiness
June Thankfulness
July Friendship

Our Value Focus for 2017-18

Month  Value focus
September Unity
October Peace
November Forgiveness
December Mercy and Compassion
January Thoughtfulness
February Trust
March Humility
April Joy
May Courage
June Love
July Friendship