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Plop the Owl has moved in....


Farmers Class have adopted an owl…

This term in Farmers class the children are learning about Light and dark through their topic ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. So far they have listened to stories about night time noises and night time animals.


On Tuesday 2nd November the children came into school to find a nest in our Autumn tree, they started to think about who might live in the nest and why it was there…….

When farmers class listened to the story of ‘Peace at last’ they learnt that Mr Bear couldn’t sleep because of the night time noises he heard; one of those noises was an owl hooting! The children started asking questions about owls such as ‘Why are they awake at night? Where do they live? Are all owls the same?’, we decided that we would find out more about owls…..

On Monday Farmers class were surprised with a package addressed to them which contained an owl adoption certificate and a cuddly Barn owl, they loved looking at their class owl and finding out some more about the Wildlife trust who they are supporting trough the adoption.

Farmers class have decided to call their class owl ‘Plop’ and he will live in our autumn tree nest.

We are now looking forward to finding out about owls some more through the stories ‘Owl babies’ and ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’. The children will be provided with opportunities to look carefully at owls and create collages of them. They will also apply their knowledge of caring for others by making animal homes in our outdoor area.